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Hi, I'm Tegger, the new caretaker of this FAQ (as of November 2004). John Ings, the founder and original owner of the Unofficial Honda/Acura FAQ, has decided to step down for personal reasons, and has handed me the torch.
Those who frequent a newsgroup over long periods of time often encounter the same old questions asked over and over in newbies' postings. FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) pages like this one are intended to relieve regulars of the tedious task of repeating the same advice over and over.
The contents of this FAQ, which is an ongoing and probably never-ending effort, are the best answers found to common questions about Honda and Acura automobiles in the newsgroup in the past, as well as advice gleaned from other Web pages, magazines, newsgroups, industry publications, my personal experience, and so on.
The reader should keep in mind that while some who post to the newsgroup are professionals, most of us (me, for instance) are more or less knowledgeable amateurs whose advice may or may not be the last word. We disclaim all responsibility for the consequences of following our advice, and you do so at your own risk.
These pages are in no way associated with the Honda Motor Co. Ltd, or any of its regional subsidiaries.

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