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CR-V "rubbing" noise from the wheels when making tight turns
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The sound may seem to come from the front or the rear, but it's definitely from the REAR. Your differential fluid is in need of replacement! Apparently Honda uses the fluid as a friction medium (like a motorcycle or Hudson Hornet clutch). Eventually the friction modifiers in the fluid wear out, and then you get that strange noise.

Water can play a role as well. There's a TSB on that subject:

When replacing the fluid, you MUST use Honda's own Dual-Pump Fluid, changed every 20,000 miles. DO NOT try to substitute something "cheaper". In the long run, it will be the wrong decision.

If you have a '96-'98, first-generation CR-V, you can follow the instructions below, from Curly Q.Links:
Here's how I changed my own:

Look over the top of the rear left wheel. You can see the drain and fill  holes in the differential. Buy four feet of clear plastic tubing from a  hobby or wine making store. Inner diameter is about 3/8". Get a small funnel from Dollar store that you can force into the tubing. Tape the tubing to a yard stick or old broom handle with three inches hanging out at differential end. Take the vehicle for a ten minute drive and then drain the fluid into a paint tray or suitable shallow container. (remove the upper bolt first, then lower)

Allow to drain for 10 minutes, then replace the two crush washers on the bolts and put the lower bolt in. Add 1.2 litres of Honda 'Dual Pump Fluid' to the upper hole using tubing and funnel, resting on top of back wheel. Bolt in upper hole and you're done!

...your manual explains that using mismatched tires on a CRV is very bad, and I expect it will invalidate any differential warranty if the dealer notices it. You can sometimes overinflate / underinflate to correct for slight diameter difference. Take one of each off and measure height side by side.

If you have a '99 or newer, the steps above won't work. Go to HondaSUV instead:

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